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Catalogue Of DB Stable

DB Stable is a company to manufacture Australian portable horse stables and horse barn, based in Anping, China. With years of stable exporting, we can produce most of horse stable types to Australia, and New Zealand.
Discover our state-of-the-art for both indoor and outdoor, portable horse stables – a blend of durability and style. Engineered with premium heavy-duty materials for longevity and safety, these stables boast a unique aesthetic appeal.
Our external horse stables redefine contemporary equestrian elegance at an affordable price. Easy to set up, these heavy-duty stalls maximize service life by allowing simple dismantling and storage when not in use. Elevate your equine experience with sophistication and practicality. You can choose a roof or not, It needs 2 or 3 people to take 30 minutes to assemble horse stables for your equine.

Features of Portable Horse Stables

Customize your space with separate horse or cattle panels to create a versatile day yard. It’s time for a smarter, more user-friendly stable solution!

Our Portable Horses Stable Advantages

1. HDPE Infill

(1) Immune to Rot;  (2) Flex prevents damage to hoof when being kicked;   (3) Cannot be chewed or kicked through; (4) Strong, durable, flexible. They boast resistance to climate, rot, and corrosion, resulting in a long-lasting lifespan; (5) Further enhanced with Steel framing to fix the HDPE board UV Anti-bacterial and easily washed.

2. Portable

(1) Light weight HDPE Infill; (2) Perfectly designed to be collapsed and relocated when needed; (3) Flat Pack system for efficient transport anywhere.

3. Safe

(1) No sharp edges promise the people and horse safe; (2) Full welded frame pipes, made of robust steel.

4. Easy Assembly

(1) Simple corner pin design for fast easy set up within minutes; (2) Ability to join two or more stables together; (3) The strong connectors resist bending to ensure they will still be easy to install after repeated assemblies.

5. Size Widely

Stables can range from small buildings for a few horses to large facilities for hundreds, offering versatility.

6. Dedicated After-Sales Service

Commitment to customer satisfaction with responsive after-sales support. Prompt assistance for any queries or concerns post-purchase.

Comprehensive Range

DB Stable: Your choice for top-tier, secure, and durable portable horse stables in China. Elevate your equine setup with us.

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Tailored Solutions

Explore DB Stable’s horse stalls—versatile, flexible, and perfect for both small and large fencing needs. Elevate your equine space with us.


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Affordable Excellence

Discover cost-effective outdoor horse stalls at DB Stable. Stay updated on the latest additions through our user-friendly platform. 

Portable Horse Stable

Elevate your equine space with our professional Horse Stable Panels for all Australian outdoor environments.

Crafted for both functionality and style, our Horse Stable Panels redefine excellence in equestrian accommodations. Upgrade to a space that reflects your individuality and meets the highest standards of professionalism.

Portable Horse Stables are combined in frame pipes, upper mesh panel or upright tube, HDPE board, pin, horse gate, and feeder, etc.

Usually there are separate parts: Rear/dividing walls (ply/mesh), Front walls with swinging split gates, Tack room , Tack room with roof, and Tie Up’s & Washbay.

a portable horse stable with raised foof
Length3m, 3.6m(11.8ft), 4.0m, 4.2m
Height2.2m(7.2ft) other size as required
Metal Frame MaterialQ235 Steel
Insert Panels10mm thick High Density Polyethylene (HDPE)
HDPE ColorBlack, White, Green
Door StyleSwing Door or Sliding Door(Standard is Swing Door)
Frame50 x 50mm RHS; 60 x 30mm Oval Pipe; 32mm Round Pipe
Accessories(1) Swivel feeder; (2) Water bowl; (3) Hay Rack; (4) Corner post;
(5) Brass caps; (6) Decorative Ball; (7) Stainless steel latch
Surface TreatmentHot-dip galvanised or pre-galvanised with spray painting
UsageEquestrian Centers, Home Barn, Horse Stall Project, Equestrian Clubs, Commercial Horse Stable, Farm, Ranch, Building Company
Colorbond RoofOptional
Related ProductsBarn door; Barn window; Horse rubber mat; Horse fencing

Portable Stable Specifications

Crafted by equine industry experts, our Portable Horse Stables feature a premium 10mm thick HDPE infill, ensuring durability, UV resistance, and bacterial resilience. 

This flat pack system is heavy-duty, offering a long-term solution. Ideal for budget-conscious equine owners and trainers seeking safety and quality.
Our horse stable has been designed with all kinds of size. They provide a comfortable room for your horses, and they can separate your horse. And the stable is a building in which livestock, especially horses, are kept. It most commonly means a building that is divided into separate stalls for individual animals.

Two workers are installing the upper mesh front horse stall.
a tube front equine stall in front of our office building.
Many tube front horse stable panels piled together.
The full HDPE board of portable stables for sale

1. Welded Mesh Front Portable Horse Stable

Upgrade equine spaces with Mesh Front Stable Panels—durable, customizable, and stylish. Whether small or large stables, ensure optimal airflow and lasting durability.

Introducing Portable Horse Stables—swift setup, durable HDPE construction, and a 10-minute installation time. Ideal for those leasing or on the move.

Designed for convenience, our stables accommodate all horse sizes. Each 200kg panel is hassle-free for delivery and installation.

Choose from popular designs or customize layouts for endless possibilities. With Hot Dipped Galvanized finishes, prioritize efficiency, flexibility, and excellence in your equine space.

Stable Panel Specs

Height 2200mm
Length 3000mm 3600mm
Square Frame Pipe 50 x 50mm x 2.0mm 50 x 50mm x 2.0mm
Wire Diameter 4.0 mm 4.0 mm
Mesh Opening 50 x 50mm 50 x 50mm
HDPE Board of panel 2844 x 1194 x 10mm 3494 x 1194 x 10mm
Frame of the down part
25 x 25 x 1.6mm

Front Mesh Walls with Swinging Split Gates - Sliding door or barn door in mesh

Height 2200mm
Width 1150mm or 1300mm (4.2ft)
Slideway 2950mm length with 2 wheels
HDPE plate for gate 1024*1054*10mm
upper mesh front of portable horse stalls

Stables Component

Other Size:

  • Customised sizing and design available
  • Standard 4m Stable box (with or no roof)
  • Two joined 4m stable boxes (with or no roof)
Mesh front portable stable with raised roof

Raised Steel Roof

Upgrade with our extra-high (2.65m) raised roof option—4.6m long with a 70cm front overhang, ensuring advanced roofing technology for optimal horse protection. Elevate your stable with top-tier features for enhanced safety and comfort.

Tailored for seamless installation within existing sheds or shelters, these stables embody precision and practicality in equestrian accommodation. Welcome to the epitome of professionalism and functionality in portable equine solutions.

We can provide 2, 3 or 4 connected stables with raised W roof, 2 connect stavles with full front gates, rehab/mare and foal stable, farm animal stables, stable and tack/feed room with full solid walls, connect mini stables and full size stables, and connect tie ups/wash bays with stables.

The loading of upper mesh portable horse stable panels

Mesh Dividing Stable Wall

Transform your stable space with our Mesh Dividing Stable Wall—expertly crafted from mesh/form ply and galvanized steel. This innovative solution is ideal for creating individual stalls by partitioning off stable panels. Available in various sizes and easily customizable, these dividing stable walls cater to your unique stable requirements. Elevate your equine environment with a seamless blend of durability, customization, and professional design. Upgrade to the ideal solution for tailored and efficient stall configurations in your stable.

2. Pipe Front Stable Panel

Transform your stable with our Pipe Front Stable Panel—made from durable galvanized steel pipe and form ply. Available in different sizes, with options for sliding or barn doors in pipe, and a variety of customizable extras for a unique touch. Elevate your stable with professional design and personalized features. Upgrade to a distinctive equine space tailored to your preferences.

Enhance your stable with the Pipe Dividing Stable Wall—crafted from durable galvanized steel pipe and form ply. This sturdy wall is designed to create individual stalls, providing resilience against the demands of equine activity. Upgrade to a durable and functional solution for a top-notch equine environment.


Panel height 2200mm
Panel width 2950mm, 3600mm, 4000mm, 4200mm
Panel frame square tube 50 x 50mm
Upper Panel vertical square tube 25 x 25mm
2950mm width with 28 pcs
3600mm width with 35 pcs
HDPE plate for panel for 2950mm width: 2844x1194x12mm
for 3600mm width: 3494x1194x12mm
HDPE plate for gate 1174x1194x12mm
Sliding door or barn door in pipe height 2125mm and length 1300mm
Slide rail height 40mm and width 42mm and length 3000mm
Pulley 2 sets per door
Surface treatment hot-dipped galvanized and HDPE sheet
a portable horse stable with tube front

3. Full Dividing Stable Wall

Upgrade your stable with the Full Dividing Stable Wall—crafted from durable form ply and galvanized steel. Ideal for fully enclosed stables, this customizable wall comes in different sizes and offers optional extras for a personalized touch. Ensure your stable withstands everything horses throw at it with this resilient solution. Elevate your equine space with professionalism and customization.
High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) Panels—durable and tough, perfect for a long-lasting solution. Note that they may reflect light, requiring a slight adjustment for easily agitated horses. HDPE, commonly used in composite wood and plastic, ensures a high-quality and resilient choice for your equine needs. Elevate your stable with the reliability and longevity of HDPE panels.

a back-to- back connected horse stables with raised roof
The Aluminium feeder of portable horse stables

Front Panel Addition – Spinning Feeder

Enhance your stable design with the Spinning Feeder—an effortless and secure solution for easy horse feeding. Upgrade your stable experience with practicality and convenience.

Cross Tie

Our galvanised steel cross tie is perfect to pair with our wash bay and wash bay arm to create the ultimate horse washing area.

  • 3×3 with tie up points
  • Galvanised construction
cross tie
wash bay

Wash Bay

Wash your horse after a ride with ease with a Wash Bay. Measuring 3m x 3m, this is a generous size wash bay that can be complemented with a swivel wash arm and cross tie to create the ultimate and practical horse washing area.

10+ Years Quality Guarantee

At DB Stable, excellence is our priority, and quality defines our portable horse stable systems. We ensure durability through meticulous hot-dip galvanization or powder coating in RAL colors, providing a resilient, long-lasting anti-rust protective coating. Elevate your security standards with our professionally crafted stables, where quality meets endurance for unparalleled performance.

Hot Dipped Galvanized

Through our advanced Hot Dipped Galvanizing process, a robust protective layer prevents corrosion, ensuring an extended service life. Our panels, welded with high-quality black steel tube, feature a minimum 300g/m2 zinc coating for unmatched longevity, galvanized to BS EN 10346:2009 specifications.

Powder Coated RAL Colors

Our weather-resistant horse stables, featuring color-customizable options, provide maximum protection against corrosion. Adhering to BS EN 13438:2005 standards, our panels and posts boast a minimum 100-micron powder coating, delivering unparalleled durability and style to your stable needs.


We have many certificates to guarantee the quality of your products, please rest assured to buy: Choose DB Fencing, we deserve your trust! 


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