DB Stable® mainly manufactures high quality portable horse stables, exporting to Australia and New Zealand Since 2013.

All Portable Horse Stable Products

Designed by our professional team for the equine industry, our portable horse stables provide a high quality metal frame, HDPE board, swing or sliding door, steel board roof, galvanised mesh, and its components.

High Quality Win The Customer

Hot Dip Galvanized

The frame tubes, connect way pin, cleek  are hot dip galvanized over 42 microns last 10 years.

9 Parts Stable Panel

Each back and side stable panel are divided into 9 parts with smaller size HDPE baord no thermal expansion.

Aluminium Swivel Feeder

Aluminium feeder of portable horse stable is lightweight with no rust for long.


Powder Coated Steel Roofs

There are 0.4mm and 0.8mm thick for your choices with high quality powder coated grey color.

HDPE Board

HDPE Board WIth UV: 10mm thick infill making stall durable, UV resistant for long.


Connect Way Pin

Hot dipped galvanized finishes 40*40mm square metal tube, fulled welded with 6mm steel plate.

Our Happy Clients From Australia & New Zealand !

Since our establishment, we have served customers all over the world. We cherish the reputation of our fencing products. Customer satisfaction with products and services always come first in DB Stable.

The legends DB Stable showed up right, not only delivered 4 gorgeous stables, but they helped us how to set them up! These stables are not only beautiful, but super sturdy and built to last (great for thoroughbreds that don't know what "stand patiently" means).
Thankyou! Fantastic quality boxes, delivered in record time 😂 can’t wait to get some more!! 🦄We love your work guys, thankyou for all your help over the years ! Thanks DB Stables. Great to work with you on this 👍🐴. Full credit to you.
Lily Granger
Thanks Frank for your professionalism. It was an exciting morning installing our new portable horse stables. Highly recommend Portable Horse Stables. I’m sure the horses will Love their new accommodation.
Jeson Foxx

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