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Why Portable Horse Stable For Your Horse

Your favorite healthy horse should get the best care, relax, quiet moments, avoiding the cold weather, rains. A warm and safe home is so important to win the race for the trail, racing, breeding, or riding horses .
With a portable and pre-build designing, you can pasture and train your horse across the ranch from field to field.
Whether you own one loved horse or a collection of trail, racing, breeding, or riding horses, all of your animals need a place to be safe from the elements and time to exercise.
Horse owners know that portable horse stables are the first important to any ranch or large property.

Why Need Portable Horse Stable In Australia

  • Horse racing is the third most-watched sport in Australia, portable horse stable make the thoroughbred horse get warm home and best rest, save its strength to win the Victoria Derby, Melbourne Cup, Srakes Day, Golden Slipper Stakes, Caulfield Cup, and W S Cox Plate.
  • Both Magic MillIons and Inglis advocate the provision of strong, safe portable horse stables.
  • More than 19,000 thoroughbred races are held in Australia every year, across all regions, each race horse should get the best protection.
  • There are also many small and medium-sized racetracks in each state and country of Australia, with a total number of around 550. The horse owner, Bloodstack Consultant, Trainer, Trader/Pinhooker, and Bloodstack Consultant would like their horse get the best feed.
  • Sydney and Melbourne are the two centres of racing in Australia.

The portable horse stables are the best quarantine grounds
Off the track Thoroughbreds now have another new place to stay and be retrained
Our portable horse stables can be used in both indoor and outdoor with all kinds of size. If outdoor, it should only add another colorbond roofs to anti-rain and sunshine. The portable horse stable panels can be made of upper mesh or round pipe as your request. It can be HDPE board, plywood, colorbond or hardwood to be fixed with bolts.

We have a full accessory suit for our portable horse stable panels including spinning feeder doors, chain to lock the door, with matching tie up areas and wash bays.

Easy to install, anti-corrosion, long service lifespan。


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